Instant SoC on Linux

Instant SoC supports x64_x86 Linux distros. Instant SoC can be run from command prompt however we recommend to run Instant SoC from Visual Studio Code.

The following section assumes the reader is familiar with working in Linux.


Download the latest Instant SoC release (3.1.0) using wget.

> wget

Unpack/Install the deb file using the following command.

> sudo dpkg -i instant-soc_3.1_amd64.deb

Instant SoC will be installed to /opt/instant-soc/

To uninstall Instant SoC

> sudo dpkg --purge instant-soc

Setup a Directory

To setup a directory ready for VSCode first create the directory.

Change directory to this directory.

Run make_soc with the “setup directory argument”.

> /opt/instant-soc/make_soc -vscode

A directory “.vscode” is created with necessary setup files for VS Code. An example file example.cpp is also created in the directory.

To build a HDL from the C++ file using command prompt:

> /opt/instant-soc/make_soc example.cpp

You can now open this directory in VS Code and compile C++ code to HDL with the CTRL+SHIFT+B command.

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