Instant SoC Installation

Instant SoC is integrated in Visual Studio Code. We recommend you to install C/C++ extensions for auto-completion, code formatting etc. C++ is compiled using the gcc compiler.

For Linux installation go to Instant SoC on Linux page.

  1. Download and install Visual Studio Code.
  2. Download and install C/C++ for Visual Studio Code.
  3. Download and install Instant SoC.

When installed we recommend you to follow the “Getting Started” project.

Instant SoC Version History

V 3.1.0 2023-10-29

  • Floating Point Unit Added

V 2.1.0 2022-12-29

  • RISC-V CPU Core 50% faster
  • Generates System Verilog code instead of VHDL
  • Generated code supported by all FPGA manufacturers
  • Xilinx, Altera, Gowin, Lattice, Efinix supported

V 1.3.0 2021-09-08

  • Linux version. Instant SoC now runs on Linux also.
  • Intel Altera devices now supported using Quartus
  • gcc version 8.2
  • Systemverilog Wishbone support

V 1.2.0 2020-12-22

  • Wishbone Support
  • gcc included in setup file

V 1.1.0 2019-08-20

  • Support (Beta) for Lattice devices, ICE40, MachXO3 etc
  • Warning when mixing double and float

Connect your FPGA